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Don't drown in endless diffs - there is a better way to do code reviews! Codelantis is a code review UI optimized for efficiency, speed, and usability.

Time for a change, quite literally? Give it a try!

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The problem

Code Reviews are hard. Too hard!

You think writing code is hard? Try reviewing code...

Are you drowning in code changes during your reviews? You are not alone. Code reviews are important, but also time-consuming, mentally exhausting, and let's be honest, they aren't fun.

Ever felt the discomfort when you see the "files changed" tab?

Files changed 1

Sure, for small diffs, the built-in review capabilities of GitHub or GitLab are okay.

But that really amazing feature or the desperately needed refactoring? They will come with pull requests that aren't easy to review without better tool assistance.

This is why we're building Codelantis, a tool to make your code reviews more enjoyable and better for everyone involved.

See for yourself how we tackle this problem:


Keep your tools & processes
Codelantis is an alternative UI for
that is optimized for reviewing code. Your review comments are posted back to the platform using the respective API.
Full context, always
Always see the full files for all diffs. No more endless scrolling through a confusing waterwall of code fragments.
Focus on what's important
Nobody needs generated files in their review list. Need to search through you changes? No problem! And much more…
Reverts made simple
Realized that you didn't need to change that file after all? Simply revert it from Codelantis, as easy as pie.

Code Reviews, but enjoyable?

Don't drown in endless diffs - there is a better way to do code reviews.
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